Sevencore Gets a New Playable Class


The new Assassin class arrives today to Sevencore with the latest content update, which also includes an increased level cap for characters in the English server and a new area, Ancile Islands.

Assassins specialise in melee combat and fight using daggers or claws. Claw Assassins are powerful melee fighters with access to numerous abilities to boost their critical chance, as well as skills allowing them to deal quick attacks to numerous foes. Dagger Assassins rely more heavily on single target damage, with the ability to cloak themselves in order to deal powerful stealth attacks to unsuspecting enemies.


SEVENCORE_Assassin_screenshots_4 SEVENCORE_Assassin_screenshots_3 SEVENCORE_Assassin_screenshots_2 SEVENCORE_Assassin_screenshots_1

This new class will be available for both English and Spanish servers.

In addition, a brand-new item Mechanical Mount will be available to buy on limited offer until the scheduled maintenance on 27 January 2015 (UTC). And from now until 27 January, the Dungeon Runner Event will be organised by the Sevencore Team. Once players accept an event quest from event NPC at Delos and clear the dungeon, they will get a special prize.

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