Sentinel Heroes is Again in Closed Beta


Sentinel Heroes hasn’t been completely rebuilt from scratch but most of the core features and data have been adjusted to make the game more balanced and interesting. And the Remake version is entering Closed Beta at this very moment.

Although the road has been rocky and risky, the results are looking impressive.” said Alex, the cofounder of Sentinel Heroes Studios, “we got some really nice feedback from our players on the original Sentinel Heroes but we think we can do a better job. We believe all the risks and efforts are worthwhile.

This version also introduces a brand new League (or Guild) System. With the development of the League, members can acquire abundant rewards. There’s also a league chat channel to encourage communication among league members.

Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the League Boss Fight. Members can summon a BOSS, feed the BOSS to increase the rewards and then kill the BOSS to claim the rewards on a daily basis.


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One Comment - "Sentinel Heroes is Again in Closed Beta"

  1. Mat November 4, 2014 at 1:13 PM -

    F2P but P2W – many of the talents which were available with coins are now only with diamonds.

    The auction house, where F2Pers could one time scrape a few diamonds by selling supplies, now costs a diamond to trade, when many items would only sell for 1d.

    Ok, it has to be paid for somehow, but the P2P / F2P is woefully unbalanced

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