Robocraft Releases Epic Loot Expansion Today


Robocraft receives today the major expansion in the game's history: Epic Loot. This major content update brings a massive overhaul to the progression system, a weapon rework and several gameplay changes, such the removal of the Galaxy Cash and a new inventory forge cost option that adjusts prices of robots.

“All of us here at Freejam would like to send a huge thank you to all the [Robo]Crafters out there who have stayed with us during Robocraft’s many balance changes and mechanic reworks of the past,” explained Freejam CEO and Robocraft Game Director, Mark Simmons. “This final large balance change and new progression system is a huge leap towards Robocraft moving into Beta and out of Early Access later this year.”

From now on, players can earn item-granting salvage crates for playing in online matches against other players and in single-player against bots. Depending on the crate tier (rusted, bronze, silver, gold, diamond and protonium) there are different drop rates, from common to legendary. Those who play better will receive better crates and the number of items per crate depends on the player activity.

The Tech tree has been removed from the game, and now all weapons dropped from crates will be useable no matter the level.

Players can also now take any cube they don't want and recycle it into a new element: Robits. With this new currency players can forge new weapons, cubes or new robots. Robits also work as a reward for players who upload their robot designs to the CRF (Community Robot Factory).


Robocraft epic loot

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