October 27 Marks a New Dawn in Star Trek Online

A couple of months ago, the Star Trek Online's next expansion, Season 11: New Dawn, was announced. Today there is an official date: October 27. This update will mark the beginning of a new era for the game by introducing a new story arc, a new reputation system and the completely new Admiralty system, which allows players to send their starships on challenging assignments to retrieve valuable assets.

New Dawn begins in the grim aftermath of The Iconian War. The war has ended in the Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire has invaded the Badlands, under the leadership of Mirror Leeta (reprised by Chase Masterson from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”). Admiral Leeta has claimed the galaxy for her own and it’s up to players to defend the universe from her Mirror forces.

Season 11 also introduces the discovery of a planet inhabited by a new civilization of bi-pedal humanoids and the arrival of a mysterious time-traveler. Progress will be earned through two campaigns, representing major factions within the galaxy – the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.

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Source: Perfect World Entertaintment Press Release.

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