Might & Magic Duel of Champions Gets a New Expansion

Ubisoft has announced Sins of Betrayal, the next expansion for Might & Magic Duel of Champions, will arrive on October 9. With this expansion players can experiment with new decks and collect up to 100 new cards. The box will contain 10 Super Packs for 1250 seals and each super pack will offer 12 new cards for only 150 seals.

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It tells the story of endless family war that breaks out between the six heirs of Duke Slava Griffin after his murder. Anastasya, the most loyal child and heir of the Duke, must venture into a dream to discover the identity of the murderer who took control of her mind and used her to kill her own father.

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In addition to the new decks, a Replay manager has been introduced so players can watch their previous duels and sharpen their strategies for future matches. Multiplayer rules have also undergone a change. To even the playing field, during the first player’s first turn they can no longer draw a card during the supply phase or use their hero's ability. Also, the second player will now start the game with a Dragon Crystal, which can be played at any time during a match, and grants one free effect.

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One Wildcard will now be given for every 1000 Gold worth of sacrifices in the Infernal Pit. Thus, if a player sacrifices enough cards to redeem a Common card, they will collect 1000 Gold and a unique Wildcard. If they redeem a Rare card, they will receive 20000 Gold and 20 Wildcards.

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Source: Ubisoft Press Release

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