M&M Duel of Champions: The Good & The Bad

We’re checking out Might & Magic: Duel of Champions for our next Good & Bad article. It’s a card collecting free to play MMO that where players build up their own decks of cards from a variety of factions and go head to head against other players or battle challenging AI. Players can earn ranks and rewards, increase and improve their card collection, and work their way up the leader-board and compete in various modes.

When it comes to Might & Magic: Duel of Champions there’s some stuff we love and some stuff we don’t:

The Good

  • New Player Rewards – Starting out there’s a number of different way for players to quickly earn gold, Seals and card packs to give them a large connection early on to give them plenty of strategic options (though not all cards may be useable for their faction)

  • Six Factions – There are six factions with their own unique Heroes, monsters, spells and more that can be collected, each faction has its own playstyle ranging from healing and protection from Haven to constantly bringing killed cards back from the dead with Necropolis

  • 30 Available Decks – Unlike many other TCG/CCGs that limit the number of decks players can make, useful for having different strategies, MM:DOC allows players to create thirty individual decks

  • Laning Feature – The battleground is made up of four rows with 2 positions per team, cards can only attack those within their row and can’t attack the opposing hero if an enemy card is blocking line of sight (individual card traits can nullify these restrictions)

  • Pay-to-Win Not a Major Factor – Although cards can be attained a lot easier by purchasing the premium currency and packs, players still need skill and strategy to be good at the game and even lower level cards can be used to stay competitive

The Bad

  • Buggy – There are a constant string of game breaking bugs that aren’t being handled, everything from complete game crashes constantly happening or loading screens than never end, resulting in an unplayable game

  • Grinding vs Paying – Trying to get a decent number of cards to fill out decks is much more accomplishable by spending cash and buying packs, which makes acquiring them just through playing especially grindy

  • Altar of Wishes – Players have a chance of earning a Wildcard when opening a deck, which can be used in the Altar to buy duplicates of cards you already own to fill out your deck; players who get access to more packs quickly by buying them with cash will get more Wildcards and essentially buy a better deck

  • Can’t Put A Card in Different Decks – Frustratingly if you have different decks for different strategies, you can’t have a card from your collection in multiple decks and instead need duplicates of that card, difficult to do if you have a powerful card that you want to use in different decks

  • Questionable Future – On 13th Oct 2015 the developers announced that M&M:DoC will no longer get any updates other than service maintenance, having only had a small skeleton crew handling the game that can’t keep up with the problems, though they insist “this does not represent the end of the game” …. We’re not so sure

M&M Duel of Champions GoodBad Image

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