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Mars Tomorrow Free to Play MMORTS mobile game
Mars Tomorrow – Update introduces Plug-In Fabrik - Update 1.23

Bytro Lab with the new game Mars Tomorrow receives many new features shortly before the Christmas season then you can enjoy it!! Mars Tomorrow is a free mobile and borswer based builder where the player must carefully manage the economy, resources and an ever growing population to cultivate a habitable planet in Mars!!.

With the update to version 1.23, new buildings will be added to the habitat and new functions will be added to Mars.

Plug-In Factory

With the introduction of the Plug-in Factory, Mars Tomorrow players can now disassemble, merge and enhance their plug-ins.

The plug-in factory is a new building that the player can build in his habitat. With each expansion stage, another function of the Plug-in Factory is unlocked.

Drone control

The drones now get their own building in the habitat. So the players can now determine how many drones they want to call their own.

Depending on the particular phase of terraforming, different types of drones can be acquired. The Drone Control here limits only the maximum number of drones per player.

Advent Calendar

From December 1st each player can open a door of his advent calendar daily and collect interesting rewards.

In addition to Terra Points and Marsdollar, players can expect a variety of research points, transporter plug-ins and rare player plug-ins.

New achievements

New buildings also bring new achievements to Mars.

Thanks to the Plug-In Factory, the achievements of "disassemble plug-in" and "improve plug-in" can now be earned.

Source Bytro Labs - Mars Tomorrow

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