LEGO Minifigures Online Colonizes Space


Funcom has just published a brand-new video showcasing LEGO Minifigures Online's Space World and giving a look at what players can expect out of it if they join the Railhead Rangers to take down the aliens and their omnipresent queen.

"The space theme was always my favorite when I was a kid," says Executive Producer Lawrence Poe. "I loved that monorail, so obviously, that was one of the first things I wanted the designers to put into the game! That is really one of the great rewards for everyone working on this game; being able to see your childhood favorites materialize on the screen and experience them in-game."

Watch the trailer right here:

We've also learnt that Funcom is working on a version for Mac as well as iOS and Android tablet versions. The game will be fully cross-platform. The company recently announced that it has signed a marketing and co-development agreement with Intel to optimize and develop new features for devices using Intel chipsets.

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