Kartuga, new details on UI, equipment and inventory

InnoGames, publisher for the upcoming pirate-themed action MMO, Kartuga, just released some details about the game, including the first screenshots showing off user interface visuals and character screens.

Through leveling up and killing enemies, players obtain numerous objects of varying rarity - equipment as well as consumables.  Since ships are the game’s main characters, those items won’t be swords and mana potions, but, among others, cannons, crew members and ammunition.

Players will also unlock an increasing number of consumable and equipment slots on their ships, which can then be filled with various items. Several types of cannons, special ammunition, and a number of offensive and defensive consumables. In addition is possible to change ship types on the fly to another stored in dock slots.

Five types of crew members can be equipped and provide ships with additional bonuses, according to their role on board: Carpenters for example make the ships more durable, while Gunners improve weapon and skill properties.

Source of informations: InnoGames press release.


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