Hero Zero: Holiday Season for superheroes

Hero Zero X-Mas. Hero Zero: Holiday Season for superheroes
Hero Zero: Holiday Season for superheroes

Specials and daily surprises in the advent calendar

The Christmas season is full of surprises - at least in the free2play superhero browser game Hero Zero. During the Christmas Special, which will run until December 31st, players will enjoy numerous in-game promotions and events. In addition, there are 41 festive items which players can find in the Second Hand Shop to master adventurous festive missions. But heroes don’t have to be alone, two sidekicks are also waiting and looking forward to an exciting holiday season together.

From December 14th, the motto is: Two are better than one! The festive double week starts! To complete the anticipation for Christmas, a small gift is waiting every single day in the Hero Zero advent calendar, which can be found in the official Hero Zero forum.

As in previous years, there is also a sneaky Christmas villain roaming around in Humphreydale, and he plans to sabotage Christmas by all means. Nasty face expression, green costume and up to no good during the Christmas season - the Grinch reaches the small town and the locals count on their heroes to stop this madness.

Lonely at Christmas? Not in Hero Zero! The two sidekicks Pingu the Penguin and Frosty the Snowman, both equipped with special skills, can be found in the shop to accompany their heroes through the contemplative weeks and they look forward to spending the Advent season with their heroes.

Two are better than one! From December 14th the popular double week starts!

On Friday, there will be double portion of coins for missions

On Saturday, there will be a double portion courage for duel

On Sunday, heroes can strengthen their character with double training sessions

On Monday, there will be double EXP for missions

On Tuesday, players can use the washing machine twice for free

On Wednesday, players get the double amount of energy

On Thursday, players can renew the goods in the shop twice for free

The advent calendar - 24 surprises for superheroes

To ease the anticipation of Christmas, there is a daily surprise in the Hero Zero advent calendar,
which is now available at the Forum for players:

Hero Zero

About Hero Zero

In the free2play browser game Hero Zero, players strive towards being a superhero, take on a range of missions in many different worlds, train their character, and improve their strength to fight against other superheroes and move up the rankings. Every single character can be upgraded individually – meaning there are a number of attributes to be improved such as strength, conditioning, and brain power. The guild system is a must to fight together with other superheroes for world domination!

Since launching in January 2012, the humorous online RPG, Hero Zero, has captivated over 30 million registered users! Gamers from all over Europe, North and South America as well as Asia have joined the mission. Hero Zero is a cross-platform game playable over iOS, Android, PC and Facebook.

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