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During our time at GamesCom we went and sat down with the developers at Infernum to have a look at progress on Hazard Ops, the zombie killing, robots smashing, mutant obliterating FPS that offers a humorous alternative to the shooter games out there and doesn’t take itself too serious, that doesn’t mean the game itself isn’t great to play. It is admittedly mindless fun, easy to pick up, easy to jump into and a whole host of options from PVP modes to PvE campaigns where players can fight in Co-op mode with other players through different missions and maps.

For our demonstration we were there to check out the new War of the Machines update, which now adds a PVP mode where players can jump into huge mechanised walking tanks and go head-to-head against other players in some complete carnage.

Before even stepping into the PVP arena players are offered up a tutorial to get to grips with controlling their new Mech, how to get in and out of it (which can be done whilst in the actual battles), how to fly with your jet pack and how to fire your weapons. As with the rest of Hazard Ops . Players are able to fully customise their loadouts for their Mech, though physical customisation is currently limited, but something that may be looked at in the future. Players have a wide variety of weapons to choose from, equipping two primary alternating weapons as well as being able to choose from a variety of different Mech chassis, from fast light armoured Mechs to slower heavy, armoured tanks.

The fight we had was with the German booth that were situated elsewhere on the site and we fought in a 3V3 battle, me and two of the Infernum team versus some random Germans. With little delay once everyone had loaded into the game the action was instant, running and flying across the battlefield to go head-to-head against the other team in a clash of automatic machine guns and rocket’s was actually pretty exciting. Using the jet pack is relatively easy, using similar controls to other games that the dot this type of feature with the powering your jet pack until your fuel/power depletes and has to replenish over time, there is also a invisible ceiling that players cannot fly beyond, represented by the Mechs only being able to attain a certain altitude.


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Dotted around the map where a number of boosters that we could pick up such as speed boosts and improved damage, working together, we were quickly racking up points, but the German team were forever at our heels. One of the two nifty features of combat is the ability to sidestep/jink quickly out of the way when an attack is coming out in and also the delayed lock on with rockets, where you have two, keep your targeting reticule on your opponent for a number of seconds before it locks on. One of the things we did ask as combat begin wars, whether or not you are able to pick up any weapons when you destroy their Mechs, picking up enemy weapons being a big feature in the other modes of the game.

Combat was fast and we were quickly racking up kills, our personal best was a nine kill streak (not bad thing as though it was the first time we’d played). We did of course take a few deaths, but we were pretty good at keeping our Mech repaired, something that required you to find a spot and actually get out of your Mech to repair it leaving your character extremely vulnerable. Players can actually get out of their Mechs and run around fighting just as their character, and whilst their weapons aren’t quite as powerful it’s still possible to get by as a last ditch attempt.

The team death match mode went on for 15 minutes and by the end of it we had far out killed the enemy team and secured a very easy victory. The game mode is definitely going to complement the style of combat and humorous vibe that the game gives off and presales are already available through the official website.

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