Hazard Ops Adds a Turret Defense Mode


Hazard Ops (known as Zombies Monsters Robots in North America) celebrates its release adding a new game mode, a turret defense mode, and numerous customization options for players. A new trailer has been also published and we have some screenshots to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming content.

Watch the trailer right here:

In “Turret Defense”, mercenaries will have to use the defence weapons available to them and protect their base against countless waves of zombies. The key to success is to have a steady aim and strategically place defences to prevent zombies from reaching critical locations. Each turret will cost points to build, so the best mercenaries out there will have to manage their resources carefully to come out on top.

Furthermore, PvP enthusiasts will now be able to unleash the power of massive Mechs to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Players will be able to hop into massive robot-like suits to take part in team-based combat to the death. Each Mech will be equipped with its own set of weapons, as well as a “jet pack” propulsion system that allows evasive maneuvers and tactical combat.

If you want to know more about Hazard Ops, click on the "info" button below.


HOPS-Release_Screenshot1 HOPS-Release_Screenshot3 HOPS-Release_Screenshot4 HOPS-Release_Screenshot5

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