H1Z1 Launches Early Access Alpha

The wait is over. H1Z1 moves into early access Alpha, allowing those who pay to take their chances in this apocalyptic survival MMO. There is also a new trailer and we have for you some new screenshots.

By the way, first off, there is something you might want to consider: H1Z1 will be free to play, but the company is charging money to get into the Early Access Alpha. Why? Well, SOE says that "Early access isn’t for everyone and it’s fair to say you’re paying for something that isn’t finished, is buggy and rough around the edges."


H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(1) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(8) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(13) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(12) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(11) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(9) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(8) H1Z1-Screenshot-Pre-EA-SurvivorStream-010915_(7)

Also there are some key things you probably want to know prior to buying:

- You'll find bugs, maybe even game breaking ones.
- The terrain is an 8k x 8k area that is still being worked on. It’s probably 10% of where SOE expects the quality level to be at launch.
- Character model isn't done yet, probably 30% of the quality level the company is shooting for.
- Not climbing yet.
- Water is only knee deep at the moment.
- No many military gear.
- There are no attachment points, so you can’t see that awesome rifle you or someone else is carrying hanging off their backpack or over their shoulder.
- You should expect the servers to be offline sometimes.
- No building up to this point.
- No female characters.

Said that, watch the trailer:


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