Gigantic Goes Into Closed Beta

Motiga's free to play shooter meets MOBA title Gigantic enters Closed Beta for Windows 10 and Xbox One today. This test phase will initially run during the weekends, before expanding to a full testing schedule afterwards.

New features and regular content updates are planned for closed beta players, including French, German, and Spanish language support.

After our successful alpha phase, which saw thousands of testers support Gigantic and provide valuable feedback, we are now ready to move to closed beta and welcome many, many more players on both PC and console,” Motiga CEO Chris Chung said. “From the player response we’ve had, it’s clear that Gigantic has inspired many players already, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming a new batch to come in and enjoy the game.

Two weeks ago we published HERE our first impressions on the game after testing it at Gamescom. Check it out if you want to know more.

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Source: Motiga press release

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