World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

Genre: Free to play Flight Combat MMO
Platform: Windows
Developed By: Wargaming

The mix of flight Sim and arcade style air combat MMO, this action packed game is set around the Golden Age of militarised aviation where players battle it out for air supremacy. With a huge variety of players to choose from, each with unique behaviours and capabilities, players are able to build up a career as a pilot and take on real-world opponents as well as taking out AI ground objectives.

Main Features

- Hundred aeroplane models to choose from at release with more to be added in the future
- Model and aerodynamic precision, compatible to real-world aircraft
- In-depth damage system directly affects the behaviour and stability of your plane
- Weather effects and times of day play a major part in how well your place can perform
- Use the keyboard and mouse, gamepad or joystick to control your plane

The Nations
There are three nations to choose from initially; Germany, the USA and the USSR, with intentions to introduce Japanese and British vehicles at a later date. There is no limitation on the vehicles that players can store in their garage and they are able to own the planes from all nations. In battle the game randomly splits the players into two opposing teams with sophisticated matching features to try and make to balanced teams.

Plane Types
The planes from each nation are divided into three class types: ground attack, fighters and heavy fighters, with each tech tree adopting vehicles of tiers 1 to 10:

Ground-Attack – though lacking in agility and general manoeuvrability they are on matched in their capability of destroying ground based targets

Fighters - battling in the sky in fast-paced dogfights their primary task is to defend their allies and intercept enemy planes

Heavy fighters - a balance between both fighters and ground attack planes the heavy fighters primary role is to take out Ground-Attack planes and do a mild amount of damage on ground objectives

There is a wide variation of historical ammunition that players are able to choose for their weapons, from high explosives, piercing rounds, different types of bombs and unguided missiles, players can adjust that ammo load order and can pick the order of the bullets within their machineguns.

Climbing up through various warplane and development trees allow players to begin with light, cheap warplanes at Tier 1 and make their way up to Tier 10 with more exceptional aircraft becoming available as well as improved upgrades and higher levels of equipment. As well as gear some vehicles can have complimentary crew members such as a gunner and co-pilot, each of which can gain their own experience and new skills.

Players can earn credits when playing in battles and killing off their enemies, which is the standard in game currency. However players can also purchase gold using the real world money, which allows bonuses without creating imbalance and avoiding a pay to win situation.

System Requirement

OS: Wins XP / Win Vista / Win 7
CPUr: 2.2 GHz
Graphics: ATI X1600 or GeForce 7600GT (256 MB)
Internet Speed: 128 Kbps


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