Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942

This free to play city management and war strategy game is set during World War II where players must build up their own base of operations, constructing various buildings and raising that army in order to fight off enemies and rivals in this sleek looking browser-based game. Develop your strategy and tactics, destroy your enemies and work your way up the leader board rankings.

Key Features on Wargame 1942
- Constructs your own base of operations
- Produce and manage your resources
- Train up your troops to take into battle
- Fight against real players
- Form alliances with other cities and help each other in battle
- Detailed battle reports and spy reports from your activities
- Individual player profiles to show your statistics as well as a ranked list of the best players
- MMORTS Free-to-play Browser Game

Base Building
Your base is account bound and central to your success within the game and will be the starting point for your many campaigns. From here players can construct a number of different buildings, manage your research to unlock new and more powerful units, and manage your resources where necessary.

This there are a variety of plots of land around your base that can be used to build specific buildings such as your Command Centre, a factory to bring in much-needed money, the University to begin researching technologies and even a Defence Centre to train up a defensive and espionage units.

Buildings cost resources to build more importantly they take time, your first few buildings only take a matter of minutes, but later buildings can take hours and even days to finally complete. Once a building is constructed then you will start to feel the benefit from it.

Resources on Wargame 1942
There are seven available resources in the game: money, oil, diesel, gasoline, ammunition, gold and Diamonds. Oil is produced from construct double oil rigs and refined into diesel and gasoline, these resources, along with ammunition, are vital for going into battle and required to use specific types of units. Gold is used to hire espionage units, but is more of a late game resource and not too important early on. Money is the most commonly used resource as it is required for constructing buildings, training units and developing new research, and saw there are a number of buildings specifically used to give you money. Players can also build a bank that they can put money into and will actually give them interest every 24 hours!

Diamonds are the premium currency that are used to speed up building, unique training and research times, making construction finish immediately, as well as this diamonds can be traded in for other resources. This item cannot be produced from buildings and must be purchased with real money making it a premium currency resource or by recruiting players into the game.

Once you’ve destructed your buildings, built up your necessary resources you can start to train up your own army then Scout across the region map for a viable opponent and send in your troops to attack them. There are dozens of different units available within the game, from infantry, tanks, aircraft and more adding a whole new strategy to the game where players must focus on balancing out their fleets to ensure they have no overwhelming defensive flaws.

When players start the game they are given newbie protection where they cannot be attacked until they have reached 20,000 points or if they choose to attack someone else first.

players can search for an available Alliance or start up their own, in the early days an Alliance can benefit a new player giving them support as well is teaching them how to play the game, in later game alliances are commonly used to coordinate attacks on common enemies.

Alliances can actually declare war on each other, but the battles are not counted in the war statistics e.g. the number of won battles. The rules of war that many alliances play by are more community driven and unwritten, e.g. not attacking someone already in a war or attacking those you have an agreed non-aggression pact with, but breaking these “rules” is dealt with swift punishment.

System Requirement
Internet browser

Genre: Free to play War Strategy MMO
Platform: Internet Browser
Developer: Looki Gaming


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