Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes

GENRE: Free to play MOBA
PLATFORM: iOS and Android
DEVELOPER: Fast Forward


Planet of Heroes is a free to play MOBA for mobile devices, available on iOS and Android platforms and integrated into Facebook for share features. The game provides quick matches and simple controls that are best suited for players on the go with tablets and mobiles.


- Different available heroes
- Upgrade heroes with Runes and Equipment
- 3 vs 3 matches
- Solo and Party PVP
- PVE Mission campaign
- Intuitive mobile controls
- Free to play
- Mobile platform


The game is a single lane 3 vs 3 MOBA title that allows players to unlock a variety of characters and engage in PVP and PVE content, ranging from standard battles to a PVE story-driven campaign mode that allows players to improve their characters and earn gear. The main concept and drive behind the game is to provide a MOBA experience that players can enjoy on the go whilst not necessarily having long to play, making the 7 minute match times ideal to a casual player who wants to pick a game up every so often for a few minutes. Furthermore the game has features that allow content that doesn’t require a stable internet connection and is optimized for mobile play.


There are currently nine heroes in the game, with more that will be constantly added, each of them with unique abilities and playstyles/tactics and falling into one of four roles: Assassins, Warrior,
Ranged and Support. Each character has four default skills that they can use as well as being equipped with Runes and Sparks to provide additional utility and combat options. Some of the available heroes are:

Sky’lee – This quirky support character is able to manipulate energy and create teleport portals to a selected location and shielding allies where she disappears and reappears, she can throw down an energy field to speed up her teammates and slow down enemies as well

Dozer – This humanoid Rhino is a powerful Warrior that benefits from activating a shield based on 15% of his health, can flip opponents over his head to stun them and can charge forward colliding into enemies


There are different ways to individually customize a hero, primarily with Runes that are unlocked as players progress a hero, which gives the more options to extra effects their skills have in battle allowing players to customize the playstyle of their hero. Gear can be acquired through PVE missions that increase various stats such as health, damage, power, etc. to make a hero more powerful.


The controls in the game rely on two main elements, a joystick for your left hand and ability buttons for your right hand. The joystick is hold down and drag and controls the direction the hero will move in combat, whereas each of the players abilities are triggered with a single hit of the button which will typically fire them off in the direction the character has been faced toward.


The single lane map features two teams starting at each end with two towers they must fight passed and an opponent base structure that they must try to destroy; to do this they must push waves of their own minions to soak up tower shots (as they are the target priority when in range and tower shots do high amounts of damage on player characters) and try to destroy them. The opposing team have the same objective and so players must clash with each other, fight to dominate the lane and can also get extra buffs by heading into the jungle area where there are various camps and a Dragon Archon boss that grants a huge benefit to the entire player team to help them push. Players can jump into PVP solo or group up with their friends.


The PVE campaign has 5 Campaign Missions where players fight through an RPG focused area killing enemies and bosses in a story-driven mission, with certain objectives such as not dying or finding specific items, players earn a score based off their efforts and can earn items and gear. The PVE is still a three person team with two AI controlled allies supporting the player in combat, however players can control all three and switch between team members by pushing their portrait icon to take direct control.


iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3


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