GENRE: Building MMO
DEVELOPER: Sony Online Entertainment


Landmark is a construction based MMO where players can explore a resource rich environment, gather materials and make all manner of personal constructions; from buildings and monuments to makeshift dungeons and underground networks. With links to some of Sony Online Entertainments other features (Player Studio) and other games (EverQuest Next), Landmark is a standalone title for players that love the gather and build type genre.


- Explore a massive world with different terrain features
- Claim your own stake and own a plot of land
- Discover and harvest resources
- Construct your own buildings with powerful tools
- Have your creations transferred into EverQuest Next
- Create in game items using the Player Studio


Landmark is an open sandbox MMO where players can explore and build, though the game is still in early beta many of the primary features are still being added as the game goes on; currently the game stands as a human race only exploring and building tool as opposed to an in-depth MMORPG like its sister EverQuest titles. Primarily players will explore the land, recover resources and use them to build whatever creations they can imagine, though currently without any form of threats in the forms of environmental hazards or enemies.


The world of Landmark allows players to explore a vast terrain of desert areas, mountains, hills, jungles and wooded areas as they seek out a plot of land to Claim. The terrain is more than just an aesthetic and players can interact with it by cutting down trees for resources and digging up valuable ores, which will permanently remove them from the world. Using a variety of tools such as the powerful pickaxe players can tunnel deep into the ground and create their own vast underground networks or scale impassable peaks using climbing equipment.


When a player has found their ideal location they can place down their own Claim, a huge vertical cuboid that becomes their own territory allowing them to more easily destroy the terrain using powerful User Tools and construct various buildings and structures. Depending on where players place the cuboid Claim on the Z axis will determine whether they can build up into the sky for high rise structures or deeper into the earth for underground complexes. Players can build in the areas that their Claim covers, but they are not able to lay Claims within a certain vicinity of another players’.


There are a variety of resources in the game, from wood, stone, dirt, ore and more, though each of these are base materials and players must use manufacturing tools to turn these materials into usable resources such as ingots and planks. To gain access to higher level resources player must in turn create higher level tools, which will require specific ingredients/resources to make.


In the Claim area players have a wide variety of options for the various constructions that they can create, from buildings, walls and floors all in different materials and styles to simply carving out the rock and laying down different textures to keep a more natural looking environment such as a cave or oasis. With powerful User tools players can resize blocks and quickly carve away terrain to make huge and detailed designs where they are only limited by their imagination.


One of the ground-breaking features with Landmark is that players who have an eye for detail and a great imagination may see their Landmark creations imported into the actual EverQuest Next MMORPG when it goes live if chosen by the developers (based on community votes). When imported it will become a permanent feature of the game!


Ideal for this MMO that will primarily draw creative builder types, players are able to design and create various items using Player Studio (an SOE feature linked to many games) that can see players’ creations imported into the game and the creator can actually make money from them when they appear on the market.


O/S: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel i5 Quad Core + / AMD Phenom II X4 +
Video: NVidia GeForce GTC 275 series or AMD HD 4890 or higher
Sound: Compatible with DirectX


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  1. holeron May 10, 2016 at 5:47 AM -

    Can you tell us where you find Landmark as free to play?

  2. Writer May 10, 2016 at 1:22 PM -

    Landmark was originally announced as a free to play title.

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