Knight Online Worlds


Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: MGame Corp


This free to play fantasy-based MMORPG has a huge online community with more than 10 million users it has excellent visuals, exciting features and accessible epic PVP, making it an action packed and fun adventure.

The game is completely free to play, however certain features and server choices are restricted to premium members only, as well as and in game store that has a number of power ups and items that requires a premium account.

Key Features

-          Fast-paced, fantasy based PVP

-          Choose between the Karus and El Morad factions in this never-ending conflict

-          Four different classes to choose from: priest, mage, rogue and warrior

-          Take part in Castle sieges and twice weekly wars

-          Take on the crown and become King

-          Open world player versus player combat

-          Upgrade weapons and armour with the new Rebirth feature

Player v Player Combat

There are a variety of different PVP methods in Knight Online World as well as a number of different areas to do battle in where some will even let players earn National Points for killing their enemies, and also Leader Points/Ladder Points, which can be won through victory and lost in defeat and effects your ladder position.

Arena Combat in these battlefields players can fight each other with no fear of losing National Points, these arenas allow free for all, party or clan battles.

PvP Enabled areas such as Krowaz’s Dominion, Abyss Dungeon and other quest locations, are PVP enabled but players do not gain or lose points

Battle Zones Ronark, Ronark Land Bade and Ardream are areas where Leader Points and National Points can be earned and lost and are one of the main PVP areas within the game

PvP Events With various wars and locations like the Juriad Mountains, a limited amount of selected players can join scheduled fights at any one time to battle against each other


System Requirement

OS: Windows 98/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows ME
Processor: Celeron 300 or  higher
RAM: 128MB
HDD: 400MB
Graphics: 16MB or higher, DirectX support
DirectX: Version 8.1


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