GENRE: Free to play Simulator MMO
DEVELOPER: Vizor Interactive


A free to play browser based farming MMO Klondike transports players to the old west as the begin an adventure seeking out their father, a great explorer and frontiersman who went missing on an expedition. Now following in his footsteps players are lead to an old settlement and are challenged with rebuilding it as they look for clues as to where their father headed to next. The game combines RPG story exploration and classic farming/building gameplay in a fun and colourful MMO.


  • Customize your own character

  • Build up your own farm and create hundreds of items

  • Explore distant regions on your own expedition

  • Buy and sell items through the Market

  • Work with other players to help each other’s’ settlements

  • Fine Collectibles and build up sets for rewards


At its core Klondike is a farming MMO where players build up their new settlement, utilizing the various buildings and areas in the area they can place down new structures, farmable land and create crops, fabrics, tools and more to help them progress through the game. Focusing on a self-sufficient gameplay players are able to create every item they will need, by combining certain objects, tools or food they can create new items to use or sell to other players. As players level up they will be able to create greater items that in turn will give them the chance to explore more distant locations and go on Expeditions to find rare Collectibles and advanced the games storyline.


Whilst there’s no standard “resources” in the game, as all items themselves can be a resource requirement to create other items, there are basic goods that can be acquired from the various clearable objects scattered around the world maps and cluttering up your own farm settlement. Rocks, pebbles, grass, puddles and even trees all take up room that, once cleared, can be used to build upon.

Clearing these items uses up a players Energy, once depleted players can no longer perform these tasks and must either wait for their Energy to replenish, get Worker NPCs to do some of the lifting on the bigger items, or eat food to give them an Energy boost. Clearing items also gives some basic resources and can at times reveal a hidden storage box that will give gold, items and Collectibles.

Other items can be created such as buying rye seeds and planting them in the flower beds will, overtime, grow a rye crop that can be harvested and sold at the Market, or used on the farm to go towards making Chicken Feed for the chickens, who in turn will lay eggs to harvest.


The Market is an important aspect in the game and is where players can buy and sell items for Gold, everything from new structures to enable them to create unique items, or seeds so that they can grow various crops. Gold can also be earned through completing Tasks, which will also grant XP and some items.


Players aren’t restricted to just their farm area, and in the search for their father can head to various other locations on an Expedition. Checking out the Map different locations have different requirements, both in the amount of food that is needed to reach it (meaning that in the early game some places are just too far for players to reach due to their dog sled not being upgraded enough to hold such amounts), as well as this there are certain expedition items needed, some higher level areas requiring higher level gear.

These locations are filled with unique resources that can be discovered, as well as clearable objects that once removed will clear part of the cloud/fog that otherwise covers the entire area so it is impossible to see where you are heading and making players truly explore. Players can gather these resources and fill up their sled, but it can only hold so much weight before the player will have to return home to unload their new finds.


The Expedition areas also yield unique Collectibles, players add these items to their Collectibles area and there are dozens of different sets, each of which has 5 unique Collectibles associated to it that, once collected, will give players a reward. Collectibles are a fun item that can be traded between players to help them build their own sets.


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