Galaxy Online

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: Ingle Games


This massive scale real-time space strategy allows players to create their own galactic empire, planet by planet, and expanding across the known universe. Starting with their home planet they will mine resources, learn new technologies, build up a vast army and expand their territory through diplomacy or conquest using a turn-based combat system that will determine a battles outcome by the strength of both the attacking and defending fleets.

 Key Features

 -          Take your position as worker, trader, diplomat or conqueror for your sworn faction

-          Choose from six different factions and compete against them, engaging in huge battles against player and AI factions alike

-          Design your own warships, assemble your fleets and use them as means to transport, colonize planets, lead your empire and protect your people from the threats of the galaxy

-          Importance on strategy and tactics over controls and skill: forward planning with your empire on what to build will yield greater rewards

-          Play casually as your empire continues to operate even whilst you are  away from the game


In the distance future the Earth has been stripped of the last of its natural resources and mankind has been force to expand outwards, across the stars and into the unknown of the universe to colonize distant planets and lay claim to entire galaxies.

 However, as history has always shown, where there is expansion this is always met with war. The battle among the stars was no different as powerful factions fought for control of regions and the powerful resources they contained, and so the entire universe is in a constant state of war.

 Among the war and chaos a legend has emerged of lost location at the heart of the universe that will give untold power to those that find it, and so the mighty factions battle each other once more trying to find this mythical location whilst pirates rise in their masses to exploit the spoils of war.

 System Requirement

Operating System: Win 98 / Win 2000 / Win ME / Win XP
Processor: Pentium III 800mhz
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 300MB
Graphics: 32MB



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