Battle of the Immortals

Genre: Free to play Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Perfect World

this free to play action MMORPG is a wonderful blend of both Western and Eastern cultures that combines the ancient Qin Dynasty with Norse Mythology and more.

Key Features
- Five available classes with unique equipment and skills
- Zodiac system gives your character added power depending on their date of birth
- Full auto navigation within the quests system making questing easier
- Unique gear sets with the Soul Gear feature with each class which will evolve when used
- Epic pvp with in-depth ranking system
- Epic pve in challenging dungeons where both bosses and players are a threat
- Compete in pve Time Trials against rival groups and other guilds to try and kill a boss the quickest and earn rewards and unlock new challenges
- Fully detailed Pet System where players can collect cutesy animals and fearsome monsters
- Travel and fight on the back of your own mount
- Compete against rival guilds for relics, treasure and resources in the exciting Territory War System

Playable Classes
There are five different classes that players can choose from:

The Berzerker: all-out aggression and offence Berzerkers utilise light armour to give them good defences in melee combat as they churn out physical damage in close combat focusing on weakening their targets and lowering their speed and defence abilities.

The Champion: formidable defensive combatants they soak up damage like no other class, using area taunts to gain aggro away from their companions and be powerful tank characters.

The Heretic: these holy men wield dark magic and light magic at the same time; capable of mid-level damage as well as giving them defensive capabilities, specifically with buffs and heals, making them welcome additions to a group.

The Magus: this harnessing the power is of the elements these magi stay well clear of the battle and take down their enemies from a distance, focusing on controlling a crowd, immobilising enemies and snaring them to keep them away. Many of their spells are area attacks making them extremely deadly.

The Slayer: using the elements and deadly poisons to hinder and kill the enemies with both magical and physical damage, whilst fragile looking on the outside their offensive capabilities are unparalleled.

Pets and Mounts
Players are able to discover and tame and number of different combat pets throughout their adventure, taken from enemy monsters that they have successfully killed and so almost any monster can potentially be retained pet that is then later used in battle with companion.

Also, players can also have their own mounts, which will learn new skills and abilities as it levels up as well as changing the way your mount looks.

System Requirement
Operating System: Windows XP/ Win 2000/ Win Vista/ Win 7
processor: Pentium4 or higher (1.5Ghz)
memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 6 or higher (256MB+)
Service Pack: 1+
DirectX Version: 10


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