Ace Online flight-action space shooter Free-to-play, with a focus on player vs. player combat

Ace Online

Ace Online


Ace Online, set in a futuristic world where players take the role as a pilot of their own fighter ships ace online is a free to play MMO 3-D flight-action space shooter with classic RPG and FPS elements. With full customisation of your ships (known as Gears) players can upgrade their ships and skills as they embark into a full 3D atmosphere where players must be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Main Features

Missions -the high quantity of space-based quests, similar to those that can be found in most classic RPG’s, is enough to keep players entertained for hours.

Battle/Large-Scale Battle - battling for the benefit of your nation in 3D battles on both the ground and in the air as players can fight one-on-one, in formation battles, brigade battles and also in larger scale conflicts where two larger forces collide on the server.

Battle Formation/Brigade System – the formation system is akin to an RPG party where the player can choose their own formation, gaining skills and benefits from the formation they choose eg. triangle formation, X form, and more, and also depending on who is in the formation. On a larger scale players can create a Brigade, made up of up to 40 people which can also be registered with their own Brigade mark, a useful identifying mark to separate them from other users.

Leader System - it is possible to become the president and serve as commander in chief of your nation’s military, in doing so players will receive economic help, strong authority and the ability to sit down with other leaders to settle differences diplomatically as they are the ones responsible for policy.


The Gear Types

The B-Gear - the Brandy Burg, more commonly known as the B-gear is a fighter/bomber that can be used for both tactical ground bombing runs as well as air to air combat. Built during a tense time between the Shrine and the Decan this is the first instalment of when the Decan governments began to produce military aircraft.

The A-Gear - designed with the main purpose of ground combat the A-Gear (otherwise known as the Anima Mortar), designed to battle the threat when the Shrines began their savage ground assault.

The I-Gear – The I-Gear. Also known as the Idle Sniper, is used for long ranged attacks and rapid response, this gear was the second design in the Gear series, designed by the Freeway Co.

The M-Gear - known as the M-Gear, the Meadow Bugle is first and foremost a support vessel created as the war between the Shrine and other Decan governments began heating up.


System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista / ME / 98
CPU: 1 GhZ Pentium 3 or Equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2.0 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: Any 32MB VGA Card

Recommended Specification
OS: Windows XP / Vista / ME / 98
CPU: 1.5 GhZ Pentium 4 or Better
RAM:  256 MB RAM
HDD: 2.0 GB Free Space
Graphics Card: Any 128MB VGA Card



MasangSoft / SubaGames




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