Ecol Tactics Online, new video and closed beta registration


GamesCampus has just announced that the closed beta keys for its browser-based tactic MMORPG, Ecol Tactics Online, are now live and available to all the players that want to be ready for the game's closed beta which will start on March 7th. Remember that if you want to participate the closed beta, we still have a running closed beta keys giveaway!

To celebrate the starting of the closed beta test registration, the publisher has also unveiled a new trailer for the game, which will show you the different mercenaries, weapons and skills.

"We can't wait for players to finally experience Ecol Tactics first hand, and we hope all the closed beta testers enjoy what we have in store for them next week ," said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online. "We are genuinely excited and proud that this awesome game is our first foray into the Browser-based realm."

Source of informations: GamesCampus press release

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