DOMO Gets a New Class


DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online), which has been recently revived and it's already receiving updates, adds a new class to its roster: the merchant. This new class arrives in the game today along with a new dungeon and a few new quests.

With the merchant is all about the money. Every attack skill for this class is based on the money that it's been invested in the fight. It features passive abilities to get a tax break when selling goods and to increase the size of its fortune.

But, as we said, this update also introduces a few new quests, such as the 'Protect the Darkdale Mines' guild quest. This quest will take players to the town of Darkdale, plagued with beast residing in the mines.


3_DOMO-Protect-the-Darkdale-Mines-Guild-Quest-Screenshot 2_DOMO-Tigerman-s-Dungeon-Screenshot 1_DOMO-Merchant-Class-Screenshot

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