DDO, Shadowfell Conspiracy is coming this summer


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today the official launch date for the second expansion of its popular action MMORPG, Dungeons & Dragons Online:  Shadowfell Conspiracy. The new big content update will be released on August 19th,2013, and will add to the game an increased level cap, new Iconic Heroes, new adventure packs: Wheloon and Stormhorns, and much more.


"We're excited to share our launch date with the world and introduce the new Iconic Classes system that will be available immediately to anyone that Iconic Classes system that will be available immediately to anyone that pre-purchases Shadowfell Conspiracy," said Erik Boyer, Senior Producer of DDO. "We're also making new Forgotten Realms content that will enable players to create a level 15 character in the Forgotten Realms and play all the way to level cap."

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The expansion will be available in two versions, the standard edition ($29.99) and the Collector's Edition ($49.99), with different cosmetic items and benefits.

Source of information: Warner Bros Press release.


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