Aura Kingdom Whispering Abyss

Aura Kingdom Whispering Abyss
Aura Kingdom Whispering Abyss

Gamigo is asking heroes of anime MMO Aura Kingdom for help. A robot rebellion has hit the Starstruck plateau in North Midgard. The Security Advisor in Navea, Brinz, is looking for outsiders to complete the job and suppress the rebellion. Players will disguise themselves as dwarf soldiers to defeat the robots and their strongholds. Rebellion Storm Boxes will offer rich rewards.

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But this is just one of many new adventures that players can experience in the “Whispering Abyss”, patch 85 for “Aura Kingdom”:

    • New Dungeon “OW: Tree Cave”: Players will remember what the Winged Duke has done in this cave. He led an army of demons across the threshold of time to these ancient ruins. Defeating him will be redemption!

    • New Dungeon “OW: Obscure Temple”: A strong evil envelops the entire temple, and one can feel it takes one’s breath away. The demons are preparing to corrupt the sealed holy sword.

    • “OW:Tree Cave” and “OW: Obscure Temple” are only available to characters with Slvl 15 or higher and can be played in the following modes: Solo, Solo hard, Party and Hell.

    • New Quest “Demon King Fantasies 11 – Battle of Destiny”: A new installment in this series of quests will allow the player to explore the past and witness the awakening of the Astral Dragon. Completing the quest “Lv.95 Battle of Destiny” will earn the player the Astral Dragon’s Scales which can be combined with another item for a chance to obtain the Astral Dragon mount.

    • New Quest “Play Hero”: This new Mirabelle quest lets a group of five players enter a big mansion which is guarded by a small sprite who will let the group take on four stages of games.

    • Completing this rewards the group with the “Fairytale Fairy Gift Fox”.

    • Class Balance “Rockstar”: The patch for Aura Kingdom also offers a new balancing for the Rockstar class, featuring skill improvements to all damage coefficients while also decreasing cooldown times for some of his rockin’ skills.

    • Source: Gamigo AG - Aeria Games - Aura Kingdom

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