APB Reloaded On its Way to PS4 And Xbox One


We have just known that veteran studio The Workshop Entertainment is developing a new generation console edition of APB Reloaded. The free to play PC title will land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in late Q2 2015 and it will be free to play and free to download (xbox live gold membership will be required though). By the way, you might be interested in this giveaway we are currently hosting, featuring a bundle of items for APB Reloaded

In the APB Reloaded console edition players will be able to earn items in game for free, as well as have the option to purchase in-game gear, items, vehicles and customizations intended for their characters to specialize in particular play styles.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver/Koch Media GmbH, says: “APB Reloaded has become a phenomenon on the PC with a very passionate and faithful community. We are really thrilled to help Reloaded Games and The Workshop bring this fantastic world to life on the new generation consoles.

Peter Akemann, CEO of The Workshop, says: “On a technical note, because APB is such a technically complex game, featuring thousands of destructible objects and heavily customized players and vehicles in every scene, we are thrilled to help make APB a reality on these brand new high performance hardware platforms.


APB Reloaded screenshots (10) APB Reloaded screenshots (14) APB Reloaded screenshots (16) APB Reloaded screenshots (19)

APB Reloaded puts players in the near-future urban cityscape of San Paro where players pick one of two factions: “Enforcer,” to uphold the city’s martial law, or “Criminal” to cause maximum mayhem across the city. It features one of the best and most extensive character and vehicle customization systems available in any modern MMO. The game is driven by PvP experiences where up to 100 customized players (up to 50 vs. 50) can participate in real time missions across San Paro.

Take a look at this gameplay video to watch how impressive the character creation is:


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