APB Reloaded “Open Conflict” Content Update


A new update arrives on APB Reloaded, and aims to improve the game and offer the best gameplay experience! Open Conflict, this is the name of the update, features a new anti-cheat system called Fairfight, a new game mode, new matchmaking options  and more.


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Key Features of the Update:

• Open Conflict is a new matchmaking mode that means quicker matchups, more play time and fun. Open Conflict selects your opponents based on availability rather than skill, leading to more entertaining and unexpected firefights than previously permitted.

• Character settings are now persistently saved in the cloud for player convenience. This means that if you play from another PC, your account settings will conveniently move with you.

• FairFight is the server-side anti-cheat solution which already protect games such as Titanfall and Battlefield 4  and that now protects APB Reloaded as well. Players can now feel safe knowing that their opposition is being actively monitored for mischievous activity, as FairFight works in conjunction with existing anti-cheat systems, and publicly broadcasts and shames every hacker it bans in real-time. It employs advanced algorithmic analysis and cheat detection methods far beyond the capabilities of other solutions and its server-side approach means that it can never truly be bypassed by hack programs.

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