Allods Online launches a P2P server


In a period when a lot of publishers are changing the business method of their games to Free-to-play, WEBZEN chose to do a really strange move and opened a subscription based server for  its popular free to play MMORPG, Allods Online on the 3rd of October.

Playing in the subscription based server will let the player play the game without worrying about the shop and elements such as Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs or Strongbox bonuses as they will be removed from the game. You can obtain everything in the game with the regular currency received from completing quest and other activities.

allods pricing copy

Moreover, players will be able to enjoy the endgame content quickly thank to the 30%increased experience and doubled stats points per level. Due to the big differences between the 2 types of servers, there won't be a character transfer option.

Source of information: Webzen press release

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