Allods Online, the Lord of Destiny expansion is coming

GPotato has just confirmed the launch date of Lords of Destiny, the next big update for Allods Online.  The new expansion will go live on American and European English as well as German, French and Polish servers on March 12th, 2013.

This will be the biggest expansion in the game's history, and is going to bring a lot of new content in the popular free MMORPG. There will be significant improvements and also 8 brand new astral Allods. Each allod brings new dungeon crawls for groups of 6 players.

In addition, you'll see several stunning new world zones that forward the story of Allods Online and introduce lush jungles, exotic villages, and the land of the mysterious Tequani, as well as other areas, and offer a place for an all new open world PvP. Players will experience all of this while gaining an additional four levels - the level cap has been increased to 55 - and exploring the very nature of reality itself in the world of Sarnaut.

Other exciting additions include an all new raid: Tep’s Pyramid, which opens with three new raid encounters. Guilds will also have the chance to take part in the Dominion War, an exciting new global war about pet collection and customisation as well as territory control, which especially caters for high-level, elite players.

Source of informations: GPotato press release

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