Albion Online unveils player-driven cities


Albion Online, has just unveiled some interesting details about the player-driven cities which will be available in the game.  Players will be able to claim empty cities scattered around the world and make them flourish by establishing trade and economy and erecting buildings and structures.  One guild will be able to rule more cities in order to create a real player driven society.

These new cities will be strewn throughout the world, including deep inside PvP territory; these cities will be places where all players, regardless of their guild affiliations, can build houses and storage for themselves, utilize crafting stations and trade at an auction house, access their vaults, and otherwise prepare themselves for venturing back out into danger”, said Robin Henkys, Lead Game Designer at Sandbox Interactive.

In a city, a player can have his very own housing, trade through the action house and use the different economic buildings available.A guild can capture and claim any player city and this will bring in several benefits, such as property taxes and tax revenue from the market place.


Source of information: Sandbox Interactive press release



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