Zu Online Classes and Talent system

There are five clans in the world of Zu Online, and each one represents one of the game’s player classes.

As you seek the path to immortal power, it's important to learn how to assign the talent points you earn along the way. Different classes have different talents, so players must be careful with how they use their attributes and talents if they wish to unlock power beyond the understanding of most mortals.

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Each class has its own strengths.
- Sun Warriors are the most popular due to their balance of defensive abilities and attack power.
- Summoners are adept at using poison and can also summon a ghost to fight alongside them.
- Bead Fairies are the best healers in the game.
- Moonmaidens are good with traps.
- Swordsmen are skilled with a sword, and can even fly upon their sword.

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The talent system is quite complex, so careful research and adjustments can help you find your ideal build. When players reach level 30, they get their first talent point. After that, every third upgrade level awards the player another talent point.

If one plan doesn’t work out, you can change your approach to take advantage of your newfound knowledge. Once you have gained enough experience in assigning talent points, you can reach heights of power most can only dream about to become one of the most powerful beings the world has ever seen.

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