Yitien Chronicles, exclusive free items giveaway


Today we are teaming up with R2games, publisher of Yitien Chronicles to offer you this open beta packs giveaway for the game.

In the item packs you can find:
- Essence Orb X3
- Enchant Stone X3
-  Hero Medal (Uncommon) X5
- Lesser Growth Orb X5
- 1.5X EXP Orb X2
- Small Silver Pack X5

The promo End: 5/30/13, 00:00 Server Time (GMT+8)

As usual, if you want your pack, enter your email address into the appropriate field and follow the instructions:

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:


Step 2. Login in to Yitien Chronicles .

Step 3. Click the button located at the top right of your screen “New Server Events”.

Step 4. Next, select Privilege Pack, input code and click the Confirm button.

Notes: codes may only be used once per server. The rewards obtained from the code are bound.


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