XLGames announces Civilization Online

XLGames has just unveiled a major new project that is in development in cooperation with 2K and Crytek: Civilization Online, an MMO based on the best-selling turn-based strategy game series, Civilization, created by the legendary game designer Sid Meier. Currently in development, Civilization Online's first release is scheduled for Korea.

Civilization Online screenshot 1 Civilization Online screenshot 2

Using CryEngine 3, XLGames is developing the franchise title into an Massively Multi-player Online game that expresses outdoor environments outstandingly to create a new genre of online game bolstered by the unique heritage of Civilization and its addictive gameplay.

Civilization Online screenshot 3

"As a series, Civilization has stood the test of time and continued to captivate gamers down the years," said Areil Cai, Crytek’s Director of Business Development - CryEngine. "We believe that with CryEngine technology, XLGames’ experience in the online arena and the rich gameplay opportunities offered by Civilization, Civilization Online will be a perfect combination of the three."

Civilization Online screenshot 4 Civilization Online screenshot 5

Source of information: XLGames press release.

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