World of Warships Weighs Anchor on March 12

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Wargaming has just announced that World of Warships will be entering Closed Beta on March 12. Players will have access to five original maps and 50 U.S. and Japanese warships will be available.

It will feature 4 ship classes: cruisers, great against enemy destroyers; destroyers, the most maneuverable and perfect for scouting; Japanese battleships, ships with thick armor; and American aircraft carriers, which provide reconnaissance. In the future, World of Warships will add Japanese aircraft carriers and U.S. battleships.

Watch the Closed Beta cinematic trailer:

Crews (represented by warships commanders) play an integral role in gameplay. With each level, Commanders gain points that can be spent on a variety of skills divided into several ranks and categories.

In addition to personnel training, Modernizations allow players to develop a ship’s combat capability. There are numerous Modernizations available, such as increasing a weapon’s durability or ship’s resilience to fire and flooding.


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