World of Warships Halloween update

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World of Warships Halloween update

Last year’s Halloween, Commanders banded together to banish terror from the high seas when the sinister Rasputin and its hordes of Zikasa attempted to take over World of Warships. While brave captains sent these terrors back whence they came, little did the community know that, all this time, Rasputin had been plotting his return…To save the day this Halloween, players must fight the war for the living.

Sunray in the Darkness update, sees the Transylvania return for another tour. Commanders once again head back to the Silver Spear Archipelago, sinking the forces of darkness in four brand-new Halloween ships.

During the event, Destroyer Urashima commanded by Mina Hurray, cruiser Svyatozar with Commander Ivan K. Ulibin at the helm, battleship Magnu-S led by Commander Klaus V. Teslau, and aircraft carrier Nobilium proudly boasting Commander Lazarus Centurio will be there to aid players in their fight. Each new vessel in port is also equipped with a unique consumable that does not only affect you but your enemy as well.

For successfully pulling off your mission and completing special objectives, commanders receive stars that along with generating a rank, unlock awesome rewards. Special Halloween camo, tons of Free XP, Premium Account time, and loads of other treats up for grabs, players would have to be possessed to miss out on this ghastly event.

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