World of Tanks Introduces Strongholds

World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform, free-to-play, team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, and Steam, the game lets players control over 350 legendary armored vehicles and boasts more than 100 million downloads worldwide.

The new so-awaited content update for World of Tanks is already available in North America. With this new update you will be able to try out new content and new features, such as a brand new map, Fire Arc, and a new  game mode, Strongholds.


WoT_Screens_Tanks_USSR_IS_Image_02 WoT_Screens_Tanks_Britain_Churchill_Image_03 WoT_Screens_Maps_Prokhorovka_Defence_Mode_Image_02 WoT_Screens_Maps_Prokhorovka_Defence_Mode_Image_01

The new game mode introduced with this update, Strongholds is designed for clans and will put them one against the other in violent conflics with clan bases, resources, skirmishes, with upgradable strongholds that will provide bonus and new tools as they level up.

We are very excited to introduce the first iteration of Strongholds to World of Tanks,” said Anton Pankov, Executive Publishing Producer at Wargaming. “It is an extremely engaging game mode that combines tactics, strategy and action elements, bringing more depth to the World of Tanks
metagame. Strongholds will evolve over time based on feedback from the World of Tanks community.


WoT_Screens_Maps_Karelia_Image_01 WoT_Screens_Maps_Cliff_Image_02 WoT_Screens_Maps_Airfield_Image_01 WoT_Screens_Tanks_USSR_Su_100_Image_01

With the new WoT 9.2 update, players will also be able to put their hands on a new map, Fire Arc, 4 new HD models for tanks and the reworked version of 8 in-game maps.

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