World of the Living Dead is going to close and come back as WotLD: Resurrection


As we have read on the official blog of World of the Living Dead, the developers are going to shut down the game as they prepare the reboot: World of the Living Dead: Resurrection. The current server will get a 'double tap to the head' at 14.00 GM on June 24.

"World of the Living Dead needed a complete redesign from the ground up to make it robust enough to deal with the number of players who wanted to take on the role of NECRA operatives. So we kept our heads down for a while as we devoured your feedback, chewed on the numbers from the data we collected and digested everything we’ve learned in the last couple of years."

Over the coming weeks they will announce details on the new rebooted game; the new grid-based movement system, big changes to z-density movement and topics and topics such as Scavenging, Survivors, Hunger and Thirst, Safehouses, Repairs and Modifications, and Research.

Stay tuned.

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