World of Tanks gets the Update 8.2

Special World of Tanks Tournaments for Wargaming 15 years anniversary

Wargaming just announced for tomorrow, December 13th 2012, the launch of the so-awaited patch 8.2 for its action-shooter MMO World of Tanks. To ensure players get a perfectly balanced experience, the previously announced deployment of Chinese tanks will now take place in the next update.

This time, players will put their hands on 5 new US tanks and new premium veichles such as the British TOG II prototype heavy tank, the heavily armed AT-15À heavy TD, and the French FCM 50t heavy tank with impressive speed characteristics.

This update will also continue the overhaul proces for the already existing maps, this time hitting Prokhorovka, Redshire, Erlenberg and Ruinberg, making them more realistic and inviting players to reconsider their strategies and apply new combat tactics.

Source of informations: Wargaming press release.



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