World of Tanks General shows off some new cards


Wargaming showed off some new cards for  World of Tanks Generals, its upcoming free-to-play online collectible card game set in the World of Tanks universe.

The game offers features over 185 unique cards, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Units include tanks, artillery and infantry, as well as special bonus cards that can grant the player additional firepower or defenses, adding a new dimension of strategy to gameplay.




Players will have to use strategy and tactics, and tke advantage of every single unit in order to win the match. Moreover, the game will offer single and multiplayer game modes, and battles based on real historical events.


WoT_Generals_Cards_USA_M6 WoT_Generals_Cards_USA_M3_Lee WoT_Generals_Cards_Germany_Hetzer WoT_Generals_Cards_USSR_T54

Source of information: Wargaming press release


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