Wargems Closed Beta Starts Today


Wargems, GD-Team's newest browser-based MMORPG, begins its Closed Beta test today. This game, as the developers say, is an ideological heir to the series of Puzzle Quest. It combines a role system, a beautiful world, a fascinating story and a dynamic battle system based on match3 mechanics.

Starting from today, a closed beta test will run up to 4/26/2015, and all participants can expect a 1 month premium account after the game's release.

The game takes players to the world of Evergem, a world inhabited by sages, mechanics and dangerous monsters. It features two races: Humans and Ghelts. Humans devote their lives to the High Arts of Magic and Ghelts despise it. Instead of magic they use steam vehicles and mechanical creatures. Each race strives to dictate the new order, and guide the new path for everyone.

Stay tuned if you want to know more!


Wargems screenshot 2 Wargems screenshot 1 Wargems screenshot 3

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