Villagers & Heroes Launches Equinox

A new update arrives to Villagers & Heroes, introducing new content, new features, bug fixes, some improvements and a completely new zone with ancient pyramids and pharaohs.

Equinox brings to the game a new line of magical gear and enchantments that will bind permanently to the characters. It also comes with a large overhaul to the item shop, including new items and repricing; and a new optional slider: Pixelation, which allows players to decrease the resolution of 3D rendering.

The new zone, where players of any level will get to experience sands and oases, is a magical desert land where pyramids and dunes await. Players can also look forward to a vast array of desert-themed outfits and new pets and toys.

Check out the screenshots below.

V&H Equinox F2P1 V&H Equinox F2P2 V&H Equinox F2P3 V&H Equinox F2P4

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Source: Mad Otter Games press release

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