The Valkyries Ride to C9


A new advanced class arrives to Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9), the Valkyrie. This new class is able to perform both melee and ranged skills without changing stances, and summon a device that supports from the rear.

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The Valkyrie mainly utilizes Guided Missiles, Device and Cannon skills. She performs ranged attacks using a cannon with special abilities and guided missiles at a single or multiple targets. She also performs melee attacks while a device supports you from the rear. In addition, she is very proficient in both melee and ranged combats, and equipped with various evasion techniques using the recoil of cannons.

Her primary weapon is a Gunlance, a long, piercing weapon with a mechanism inside which can fire a blank round. The Gunlance can be used for basic melee attacks with a lance as Spear Technician, as well as basic ranged attacks with a cannon as Shell Technician.

Watch now the gameplay teaser trailer:


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