UTV TRUE GAMES releases a new trailer for Mytheon

UTV True Games today announced the release of an all-new trailer featuring the larger than life character, Zeus, for Mytheon, which is now in Closed Beta.

“Greek mythology is one of the most fascinating genres to dive into, and these type of over-the-top mythological characters like Zeus make Mytheon not only unique but also an amazing challenge, said Peter Cesario, Director of Product Development at UTV True Games.

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“Challenging Gods is at the heart of Mytheon, and this trailer gives players a glimpse at the colossal battles that are in store when they tackle such mythological legends as Zeus.”

The trailer showcases what players will encounter when they must face the mighty “Father of all gods” Zeus and his powerful wrath. According to Greek mythology, Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder ruled the Olympians as a father rules a family. However, when his “children” disobey him . all Hell is unleashed and players will face intense battles as Zeus vows to destroy such mere mortals. Players will get a taste of pure Greek mythology and intense action steeped in a fully realized 3D world.

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