Upjers has announced the lauch of My Free Zoo in English

Upjers has announced the launch of their successful zoo-simulation My Free Zoo to the English-speaking audience.

The game has become a true hit in Germany in no time at all and has managed to attract more than 500,000 enthused players in less than 2 months after its official launch.

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In the game players are able to have their very own zoo: as young zoo directors, they create a true paradise for more than 4 dozen partially quite exotic animal species. To help them achieve their goal, the game offers practically countless options of designing and decorating their zoos.

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Apart from these features, My Free Zoo also contains an innovative trading card system for enclosures, animals, plants and zoo equipment. While this unique system allows players to buy item-cards and thus animals, plants, etc., the traditional way, via the in-game shop, it also enables them to gain in-game items by collecting card-pieces.

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