Tower Heroes starts its closed beta

Travian Games has announced the start of the closed beta of their browser Tower Defense MMO, Tower Heroes. The game takes place in a medieval world, in which players must choose a hero, dwarf, Elf or human, and put in command of a lonely Castle, and converte its with investment and improvements in a large impenetrable fortress.

Players can defend his castle with fierce warriors, catapults, walls and fortifications. The more players expand their influence across the map, the more often they’ll be caught up in skirmishes and even all-out onslaughts. The players are never going to be alone in the world of the game. It’s up to the players themselves to determine whether neighboring commanders are friends or foes. As you’d expect from a browser game, diplomacy and an alliance system are crucial elements in Tower Heroes.

Source of information: press release of Travian Games.

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