TOME: Immortal Arena Arrives to Steam on November 21


TOME: Immortal Arena, Kixeye's free to play MOBA, will debut on Steam on November 21st. Also, a new 5v5 map called 'Sanctuary' will be released. In case you don't know it, TOME: Immortal Arena is a MOBA that emphasizes combat and action over laning and grinding. Matches are 10 to 20 minutes average in length and it eliminates unintuitive elements, such as last-hitting, returning to base fountains for healing, and complex item recipes.


TOME Immortal Arena screenshot (9) TOME Immortal Arena screenshot (6) TOME Immortal Arena screenshot (4) TOME Immortal Arena screenshot (3)

"Every design decision in TOME: Immortal Arena, translates to a faster-paced, more action focused player experience," stated Rade Stojsavljevic of KIXEYE. "We've been tuning the game for the past several months in Closed Beta and are thrilled to bring the game to the Steam community with new combat-focused gameplay that distills the best things about the genre into a fresh MOBA experience."

Watch the game in motion on the following gameplay trailer:

We also have known that the company is developing a 7v7 map, which promises to be really fun. Very soon we'll publish a detailed profile, so stay tuned.

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