The Secret World removes subscription and goes B2P


Big news from Funcom today! The software house responsible for Age of Conan and The Secret World just officially announced that starting from  today, December 12, its Dark modern-fantasy MMORPG The Secret World will abandon the P2P (pay-to-play) commercial model to adopt a B2P (buy-to-play) one. With this new model, all you have to do is buy the game once and that's it, you can play forever for free.

“With this recent change there is no reason not to join and take part in ‘The Secret World’,” says Game Director Joel Bylos. “Most players end up having a ton of fun once they delve into the myths and legends of ‘The Secret World’, and we believe the game has the potential to be even more successful without the subscription entry barrier. It is an ambitious and very exciting move for us!”

Source of informations: Funcom - EA press release

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