The Lost Titans, Free Item packs Giveaway


Welcome, gamers! in partership with ZQGame gladly present you an “Early Bird Gift Pack” for The Lost Titans, which includes 100000 Silver, Level 25 Epic Outfit (5 pieces), 300 Level 25 Brilliant Shards, 10000 faction points, 30 Growth Surge Token, 50 Star Fortune.

As usual, in order to get your key, just follow the instructions!

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Register a The Lost Titans account Here .

Step 3. Click “Play and choose a server.

Step 4. Install and run the plug-in. Wait fot the system to load the game.

Step 5. Crate a character and enter the game.

Step 6. Enjoy the beginning of your The Lost Titans journey in Newbie area and Iron City before you arrive at main city: City of Light.
In Iron City, when you reach level 5, you will have “Town Portal” Skill. Click it and return to City of Light.

Step 7. Find NPC Chloe to redeem your gift pack In City of Light, press “M” for world map, and go to coordinates (X320,Y288)

Go to NPC Chloe
Click on “Gift Pack Exchange” and input your gift code

Step 8. Then you should get the items in your bag

Happy conquering! See you in the game!

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